teach kindness in your classroom

The Magic Relationship Ratio

The foundation of the Kindness Recycled movement is based upon John Gottman's Magic Ratio of 5:1. This means, for every 1 negative experience, it takes 5 positive experiences to counteract the effects. In this lesson, students will learn about the ratio and discuss strategies for how their kind words can counteract the harmful effects of just one harmful word.

Kindness, Empathy, & Resilience

This collection of videos and lesson plans is appropriate for k-12 students of all ages and teaches about kindness, empathy, and the importance of practicing mindfulness.

Acts of Kindness

In this lesson, by Scholastic Inc, students will learn about how acts of kindness, even on the smallest scale, can trigger and inspire larger acts, such as working on a community service project or a volunteer activity.

Developing Kindness

These k-12 classroom activities, developed by Edutopia, provide ideas and resources for developing kindness at any age.

The Happy Secret

This TedEd lesson features a talk by psychologist Shawn Achor who believes that happiness inspires productivity. This lesson also includes discussion topics and further resources to support this theory.

Community Service

This lesson plan, geared towards grades 6-12, teaches the value of kindness for kindness' sake. Students will learn the impact and meaning of community service as well as how they can positively impact their communities.

A Kindness Tree

In this classroom lesson, geared towards Pre K-K, students will make a "Kindness Tree" and learn how to make it bloom.

read your way to kind

Reinforce the power of kind words through literature.  Below is a list of books that teach kindness at all grade levels.