Design Your Bracelets

WHAT IS A 5:1 Kindness recycled Bracelet?

5:1 Kindness recycled Bracelet Tutorial

Bracelet Design Steps

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For our design we used 6 pack rings, paint, glue, scissors, strings, beads and a hole punch. For your design, you may choose the materials you wish to use but remember to follow steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: Integrate the 6 Pack Rings

The six pack plastic ring holders remind us of the power of the 5:1 ratio while also encouraging us to be kind to our environment. It is also symbolic of our ability to recycle kind acts to generate a community of kindness. It is an essential element of your bracelet design.

Step 3: Incorporate the 5:1 Magic Relationship Ratio

The Magic 5:1 Relationship Ratio developed by Dr. Gottman and Robert Levenson reminds us that it takes 5 kind words or acts to counteract the effects of just 1 negative interaction. Use your imagination to work a reminder of this ratio into your design.

Step 4: Create

Get to work and have fun creating your own bracelet design. Remember to recycle your kindness by first sharing your 5 kind acts to our page and then giving your bracelet with a friend. Together we can amplify our messaging to create communities of kindness.

Send us pictures of your bracelet design