About us

Meet the team

Rebecca Farley

Rebecca works as an Educational Consultant and heads the partnership outreach initiative for KindnessRecycled.org.

Jennifer Dinielli

Jennifer works as a Middle School Principal and pioneered the Kindness Recycled movement with her students in California.

Shaunte Bingham

Shaunte works as an Instructional Designer and developed the design for our Kindness Recycled Bracelets.

Andrea Munro

Andrea was as a Director of Instructional Design and created our KindnessRecycled.org website and our videos.

United in kindness

Together, this group of educational leaders collaborated to create a the Kindness Recycled Movement.  The movement aims to EDUCATE – children about the value of the 5:1 Kindness Ratio, CREATE – 5:1 six pack plastic ring Kindness Recycled Bracelets as a reminder of the power of their positive word choice, RECYCLE – their kindness and their  bracelets by sharing them with friends who wish to join the movement and AMPLIFY – their kindness messages by launching Kindness Recycled Movements of their own.  In doing so, this team hopes to transform living rooms, classrooms and boardrooms into communities of kindness where all children feel valued.


email – bracelets@KindnessRecycled.org